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by Vito Zingarelli

The brilliant coloration of witch hazel framed against the equally radiant coral-barked maple outside the Farmhouse is the best indication that Fall has arrived at Hedgebrook.  The writers can pluck one of the finally ripening kiwis from the vine along the garden fence or a bunch of Interlaken grapes from the arbor and pop them like candy as they come and go to their cottages. The last of the apples from the orchard are being picked and of course there is always an apple or pear to entice the neighboring llamas to the fence for a late season encounter.  The wood shed is being re-stocked with next year’s firewood, the waterfall is once again active and the ponds have begun to refill as we celebrate the seasonal change upon us.

We are also engaged in the selecting of next year’s writers just as the final writers are occupying the cottages for this year.  With close to 1,000 applicants, this has been a particularly exciting and inspiring process that will culminate in early December.  At the same time we are finalizing participants for the end-o-season Master Classes and the reprise of our Fall Hedgebrook Salon at the retreat that will take us to Mid-December when we will begin the annual preparations throughout the retreat grounds and in the cottages for the 2012 residency season.


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  • hilary meyerson
    11:05 PM - 24 October, 2011


    It was great to share a meal with you at the Corson Building! Keep in touch. I love reading the Hedgebrook updates.


  • laura-lynne powell
    1:18 AM - 25 October, 2011

    are the names of the writers who get in next year announced officially? on a press release or on the web? it’s fun to imagine each year who is sitting in the cottage where my own life as a writer was so nourished and transformed even (those hooting owls kept me up and turned me in to a night writer!) love these blogs dropping into my inbox. thank your for a snapshot of hedgebrook in october…

  • Mary Tang
    1:32 AM - 25 October, 2011

    Thanks for the pictures, Vito. In Sydney, Australia we do not have a sense of “fall”; the only thing falling right now (spring) is the corollas from the jacaranda.

    How clever the New Zealanders to rename our Chinese gooseberries after their bird – or themselves! How distracted the writers must be to face with the choice of harvest! How lucky you are to enjoy the roaming feast from season to season.

    I miss Hedgebrook.

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