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by Hedgebrook Staff

Pallets against shed_bw_2_edit_smI have always loved photography. As a kid, I took my little point-and-shoot camera everywhere, taking pictures of friends, the backyard, the dog—anything I could find. I went on to take photography classes in high school and minored in it in college (along with women’s studies, of course). Now, I’m taking pictures for Hedgebrook.

When I started in my position of External Relations Manager just over 18 months ago, I didn’t know that photography was going to be part of my job. It’s been a gift for several reasons, but mostly because I get to use something I’m passionate about to help tell the story of Hedgebrook.

Photographs create connection—to our history, to our future, to each other. They connect us to long lost relatives, places visited, or moments in time we can relive whenever we want. Photos help tell stories we otherwise might not know. They give us insight into our lives and the lives of others. Photographs are magic.

Now I wouldn’t say I’m an all-powerful wizard with a magic wand (camera), but I admit to feeling a little magical when I capture an image that evokes the thoughts and emotions present in that moment. It makes me feel connected to the story I am telling. There’s also something about the action of freezing time and capturing a true, authentic moment in the history of the world. I am responsible for sharing the story of that moment.

WriterReading_smWhen I took this job, I was excited to help spread the message of Hedgebrook. I still feel the same way: that all women, whether they are writers or not, should know this organization exists and that if we support each other, we can raise all our voices.

That’s why I use my camera to tell Hedgebrook’s story. I get to be part of a mission I truly believe in and have the opportunity to not only experience it firsthand, but to share it with others.

I do my part to tell this story by capturing moments where women are in community with each other, raising each other up to empower themselves and others. I strive to capture the essence of Hedgebrook in the details, whether it’s the chefs in the kitchen, writers sharing their work on-stage, pallets leaning against the wood shed, or llamas in the field. All these details make up the story that is Hedgebrook.

I share this story and help spread the word about this organization and our mission. This is my opportunity to use my voice be a storyteller, and that’s what Hedgebrook is all about.

I thought I’d share a few of my favorite Hedgebrook photos from my time here thus far. They are the details of the place, the idea and the action that is Hedgebrook, and together, they tell our story.

Equivox-Amy and Choklate_sm      Wreath_bw_2_sm      VortextPanel


For more of Bre’s images of Hedgebrook, check out our online album of Equivox 2014.


Bre LeBeuf works out of Hedgebrook’s Seattle office as an External Relations Manager. She has a BA in Journalism and Mass Communications with a double minor in Photography and Women’s Studies from the University of Northern Colorado. She spends a lot of her time trying not to trip over her two ridiculously cute and lazy dogs, Pooka and MacKenzie.





Hedgebrook supports visionary women writers whose stories and ideas shape our culture now and for generations to come. The opinions expressed here are not necessarily representative of the opinions of Hedgebrook, its staff or board members. 

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