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by Hedgebrook Staff

For more than twelve years Denise brought her amazing blend of creative talents: culinary, artistic and strategic to bear in the kitchen and in the creation of memorable Hedgebrook events, raising the bar on Radical Hospitality.

She faithfully led the myriad of chefs employed at Hedgebrook in nurturing writers with lovingly prepared meals. She also shared her gifts freely to support not only the writers in their process but also celebrate their achievements within and beyond our community.

Her generosity, passion for food from many cultures and eye for beautiful presentation cultivated a welcoming table. The gorgeous Hedgebrook Cookbook: Celebrating Radical Hospitality, created with fellow chef Julie Rosten, is the finest example, short of a seat at the table, of the spirit of Hedgebrook.  

Denise is using her studio time to expand her established jewelry business.  She is currently collaborating with famed local glass artist Dick Marquis, featuring his murine glass in her original pieces.  Undoubtedly she will also be knitting, weaving, gardening and cooking up a storm.

We will miss her and wish to extend our deepest gratitude for Denise’s many years of outstanding service to Hedgebrook’s mission.  We vow to carry forward her legacy.

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  • Carolyn Forché
    9:34 AM - 24 April, 2020

    Oh! Dear Denise and her wonderful cooking! We will all miss her. It is hard to imagine the kitchen without her. I wish her the best of everything and I hope she will know how much she will be missed.

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Denise Barr, Hedgebrook’s beloved House Chef, is leaving the retreat.