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After another amazing Hedgebrook alumnae event (Dael Orlandersmith! Eve Ensler!), it was clear to me that Hedgebrook is a lifeline for women writers, specifically me.

When I applied to Hedgebrook back in 2007, I was at a crossroads in my writing career. My play had been rejected by every theater that I had sent it to and a YA novel I was working on also got rejected for publication. At the time, I contemplated quitting writing as nuts as that sounds.

But then I got into Hedgebrook and those two weeks were my lifesaver. I fell in love with writing again. I read like I’ve never read before. I met inspiring women. I was taken care of and my cottage was a safe space.

It also helped me realize that rejection was part of a life as a writer.

Now, as I decide to get back into playwriting, Hedgebrook came into town and introduced me to two amazing women playwrights.

Hedgebrook is my lifeline and I hope more women can experience its transformative power. Giving back to Hedgebrook in any way I can is like paying back a friend who helped you in a time of need. And we all need Hedgebrook.


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