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by Hedgebrook Staff

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Grace LoveWe start our residency season at Hedgebrook with the Singer/Songwriter Week. Participants are nominated by industry professionals to be in residence with fellow musicians. Alumnae of this program include Brandi Carlile and Mary Lambert.

This year, we were honored to welcome Grace Love as part of this program. We asked her about her work and about being a Woman Authoring Change.


Tell us about your work as a writer—do you write in multiple genres/forms?

I am a songwriter/poet. I’d like to think that what I write can be transcribed into multiple things. It’s been a long process to be true to myself and write what I feel!


Do you consider yourself an activist?

I had to look up the word—I am for artists, and women. Artists have it rough: we have to make waves before anyone notices our accomplishments. Women: we run the world as cliché as it sounds it’s true, and I want us to take it by the reigns!


Would you characterize your writing as activist? Why or why not?

I am writing as an artist. The way we treat our educators and our artist has got to change. I write with my heart. The best thing about being a songwriter is touching people through vibrations so yes I am causing a stir in the way people want to feel!


What impact do you hope your writing will have in the world?

That it’s ok to feel all of the emotions—and to not let anyone take that away!


What’s the best feedback you’ve received from a reader/audience member?

That what I do is what the world needs.


About Grace Love:

Soul singer/songwriter Grace Love is the front woman of Seattle’s premier soul band Grace Love and the True Loves. Her lyrics captivate and her stage presence stuns audiences. Love has made her name as the Queen of Soul in Seattle and now that the secret is out, there’s no lid to contain her reach.

Check out this clip of Grace performing!



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