Hedgebrook Collaborations

After 27 years, we have observed an increasing need for places like Hedgebrook. We know that there are many more women writers than there are cottages. The good news is that our model is replicable, and with your help we are launching Hedgebrook Collaborations to meet this need.

Our goal with this initiative is to help seed projects around the world that will take root and grow, exponentially expanding the community of people who support women writers and spreading Hedgebrook’s model of radical hospitality with writers and readers who can’t experience Hedgebrook the same way you have. What happens at Hedgebrook doesn’t stay at Hedgebrook!

The elements of radical hospitality, as you’ve experienced at the retreat, are mindful preparation and intentional hostinga balance of solitude and communitydiversity and equitymutual investmenttrust, and momentum. Hedgebrook Collaborations are seed projects that utilize these elements to pursue equal voice for women writers by empowering them, advocating on their behalf, and working to sustain Hedgebrook into the future.

Think professional development workshops, mini writing retreats, a fundraising performance, reading series, chapbook, or networking dinner party. Collaborations are supported with small stipends from Hedgebrook and are planned and executed by alumnae.

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