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by Hedgebrook Staff

April 2020—Langley, Washington

It is with joy that Hedgebrook announces Amber Flame will be joining our team as Program Director.  As an alum of Hedgebrook’s renowned Writers in Residence Program, published author, multi-discipline artist, youth development practitioner, and experienced nonprofit administrator, she brings with her a wealth of experience and understanding that will serve Hedgebrook’s community during this unprecedented time, and for years to come.

Reflecting on this moment of transition, Amber writes, “a crucial word keeps coming up in this historical time: pivot. The need for us all to pivot toward what is sustainable, what is inclusive, and more importantly, what is meaningful, both personally and professionally. It’s a thrilling moment to join the Hedgebrook team; fully in motion, reflective, and ready to cultivate what shines brightest with hope.”

Evidenced by her work as Director of The IF Project, a nonprofit that provides services to women and youth impacted by incarceration, Amber has a rich and varied experience as a program, curriculum, and training architect. She is also a skilled team leader and programmatic strategic planner, with a background in finance.

Amber has been closely tied to Hedgebrook since her residency in 2017. As a teaching artist for Y-We Write (a programmatic collaboration between Hedgebrook and youth empowerment organization Y-We), active alumna, and event speaker. She has a deep knowledge of this community, its assets, values, and opportunities. We are thrilled to welcome Amber as a member of our leadership team!

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  • Margarita Ramirez Loya
    10:12 AM - 5 May, 2020

    I had the privilege of meeting Amber during my residency at Hedgebrook and let me just say, CONGRATULATIONS on such a beautiful pairing! Amber is full of heart and a vision of a just world that is necessary today and in the hard years to come. My most sincere respect for Hedgebrook and their mission, felicidades! !!!!

  • Thelma Virata de Castro
    10:23 AM - 5 May, 2020

    This is exciting news! Welcome, Amber! I teach playwriting in a state prison so was glad to read about your work with those impacted by incarceration.

  • Kathya
    10:26 AM - 5 May, 2020

    I’m so excited about this news! Congratulations, Amber!

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Hedgebrook Welcomes New Program Director, Amber Flame