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by Sharon Magliano

Hedgebrook Writers For The Win!
These Hedgebrook Alumnae Have Been Recognized with Some of This Year’s Top Honors in Literature!
Carolyn Forche’ – Nonfiction
Laila Lalami – Fiction
Kali Farjado-Anstine – Fiction
Susan Choi – Fiction
Laura Da’ – Poetry
Ijeoma Oluo – Nonfiction
We are so proud to be a part of each writer’s journey. Hedgebrook relies on supporters like you to keep our programs thriving. Our Writers in Residence, Songwriters in Residence, Playwrights Festival, Screenwriters and Documentary Filmmakers Labs, Y-WE Write camp for youth, and Convenings are some of the ways we create safe spaces for women and non-binary writers to create.

Brava & Encore!
Sharon Magliano
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Hedgebrook Writers for the Win