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by Cathy Bruemmer


Nan, Cathy, Katie, Victoria and Heather at the May alum work party.

Nan, Cathy, Katie, Victoria and Heather at the May alum work party.

During our 25th year we are tending the land with an effort to start our next 25 in good shape. I’ve invited women who have been to Hedgebrook to write to join me for second Saturday work parties. We’re putting in some time to clean up around the cottages, and then gathering for lunch.

Our second work party was a huge success. Check out the size of that pile of weeds! My sincere gratitude to the women writers who have come to help out on the land. I want to give a shout out to Ginny, Corey, Shelby and Judith who put in an equally phenomenal effort our first time in March. Finally some delayed public thanks to Joseph Machcinski (husband of alumna Anjali Banerjee) of Pangea Gardenscapes in Ollala for years of help pruning. The old Japanese Beauty plum that he radically renovated is LOADED with fruit.

If you are a Hedgebrook writer (residence alum, master class student or salon participant) you’re welcome to join us. Please contact me at farm@hedgebrook.org for more information. In the fall I hope to have a large work party where all are welcome.


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Cathy Bruemmer
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  • Donna Barnes
    12:13 AM - 24 May, 2013

    What a fun idea to tend the garden w writers- and be more fit physically fit and emotionally satisfied and who knows- spiritually inspired.

    Unfortunately I am too far away to come. But I will be there in my heart.

    Have fun


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