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by Julie Rosten

I love to cook and I love dinner parties. It becomes expensive when you are single and on a budget so the dinner parties have become rare occasions.  Denise, the head chef at Hedgebrook, who is a dear friend of mine, kept after me about joining the kitchen staff at Hedgebrook.  Little did I know that it would become my “dream job”!

Not only can I have dinner parties with some of the most interesting women from all over the planet, but I have access to one of the best designed and well equipped kitchens on the island.  Not only that–I have access to local grass fed beef and pigs (finished on apples) and local Spring lambs and organic chickens and fresh seafood from right out of the surrounding waters of Puget Sound.  To top it all off, I have my own gardener! Cathy, who lets me poor over her seed catalogs and will grow whatever my heart desires (within our climate limitations anyway). Yes, it is the best job ever…  And my dinner guests?  They are the most appreciative and gracious guests ever – after all they are women who know how to express themselves.

I feel very fortunate to be part of the Hedgebrook family.  Thank you for allowing me to express myself (my art form) in the Hedgebrook kitchen.



Julie Rosten
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  • Reiko
    8:07 PM - 7 July, 2011

    Julie, I miss you! I have finally found some time, after months of being way too busy, to create my own mini Hedgebrook at home. I have ten days to write all by myself (my partner is away at a ceramics retreat and my kids are Italy – lucky kids!) The missing link of course is the amazing food you make for us and the care and love that goes into it. I can’t tell you what a difference it makes and how much I cherished it. So think of me in Brooklyn writing all day, then wandering to the fridge to face a couple of raw beets and some soy milk. Smoothies, I know. But 30? Best, Reiko

  • H.
    8:42 PM - 7 July, 2011

    Such a joy to read your post. It lovely that you are doing something that you love and blessing so many others doing it. 🙂 Healthful, nurturing and delicious food is one of life’s greatest gifts. Happy cooking.

  • Naomi
    9:21 PM - 7 July, 2011

    What a pleasure to see Julie’s lovely, smiling face & to read her words. I’m so glad this is her dream job, as her labors of love helped make my dream stay at Hedgebrook so nourishing & relaxing & productive. Here’s a big hug to you, Julie, and the other fabulous chefs there!

  • Mary Tang
    10:21 PM - 7 July, 2011

    AHHHH Julie!! You have my dream job! When I was at Hedgebrook I was always foraging in the garden and imposing myself on Denise in the kitchen. Like Rieko I am trying to create a mini Hedgebrook at home so I have started growing food. I have writers gatherings here and I am encouraging them to apply for a residency at Hedgebrook.

  • Shimi Rahim
    11:32 PM - 7 July, 2011

    Your dream job is an important part of our dream-come-true. The caring nourishment you and the other chefs provide to the women writers at Hedgebrook sets HB apart. Though I had many exquisite moments at Hedgebrook, my favorite moment of each day was, after long hours of writing and thinking, walking down to the farmhouse, hearing the voices waft out the door, and entering and smelling and seeing and tasting the wonderful meals you made for us that day. 2nd to that was opening my lunch pack, a little noontime treasure in tupperware. Big Mahalo and it was lovely to read your blog post.

  • Ruth Ozeki
    3:25 AM - 8 July, 2011

    Julie, I miss you, too! Sitting at your farmhouse table is one of the memories I conjure up when I need psychic nourishment out here in the “real” world. The way you cook reminds me of the way I write, or I should say the way I hope to write. There’s such a generosity to your food and flavors, and at the same time always a subtle and curious surprise, like the crystals of salt in the shortbread, that wakes one up if one happens to be drifting and not paying attention. If I could write sentences the way you make curry, say, I would be content and consider myself a master. It’s so good to see your smiling face. Thank you for all the inspiration and nourishment and for the wonderful blog posting. love, ruth

  • Donna Barnes
    11:07 PM - 12 July, 2011

    I’m siting in the office waiting for the vet to see my cat. What a pleasure to read about your dream job. And your generosity to us writers comes through in spades. You are so Hedgebrook.
    Thanks for contributing.


  • Kisha Rain R. Pascua
    4:06 AM - 7 February, 2017

    That is our job that is our love to do so that is our love

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