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by Diana Reynolds Roome


Dark sturdy cradle of spark and crackle

Embossed with fishers of words

We prod, fan, blow 

For that breath of warmth

Spark of idea

Flare-up of phrase

Sap bursting with flicker, crack, hiss

Till flames engulf

Surge into life

And words scorch page.


Discarded phrases fuel the fire

Neglected to a glimmer

Till wood and words discreetly placed

Kindle again, set sentences sizzling

Seeking oxygen, time, new fuel –

Plank with bark or burly chunk? –

To feed a glow that sears the mind

A conflagration roaring.


Tongues lick through wood

Tongues singe the page

Splendor flares, flames out, and dies –

Until ferocious, hurling

One wild hot spit out into air

To start the fire next time.


Diana Reynolds Roome

Diana Roome
About Diana Roome
Diana Reynolds Roome is a writer and editor whose articles on health, social issues, travel, and the arts have appeared in a wide range of publications, from Newsweek, The Guardian and Parenting to San Francisco Chronicle and Yoga Journal. Her children's books have been translated into many languages. She is currently at work on evoking the marvels and confusions of life as a teacher in Kathmandu Valley." It sounds rather negative otherwise! In the late sixties. British by birth and habit, she now lives in Talent, Oregon.

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