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Hedgebrook’s team of staff members span two locations. Our retreat & headquarters are on Whidbey Island, and our Seattle office is located in Fremont.


Elise Miller, MEd – Interim Executive Director

“With so much disruption and despair in the daily news, Hedgebrook serves as a powerful force for the common good. By supporting exceptional women and trans writers, Hedgebrook is on the leading edge of those demanding a more just and healthy society for generations to come.”


Vito Zingarelli – Program Director

“For over 11 years Vito has enjoyed expanding the impacts of Hedgebrook’s programs, supporting the work done both here at the Whidbey retreat as well as our national and international presence.”

Cam Williams Bernhardt

Cam Williams Bernhardt – Director of Development & Outreach

“I’ve always been interested in how art affects culture, and here at Hedgebrook, I get to support amazing women artists with revelatory messages. I’m so honored to be a part of this incredible organization. At this time in history, our work seems especially significant.”


Cathy Bruemmer – Operations Manager

“Caretaking the magical land and beautiful buildings, cultivating teams that provide our writers with clean comfortable space, delicious food and a bountiful garden and welcoming the women who grace our table has been my life’s work. Thank you Nancy for your brilliant vision and extraordinary follow through.   It is an honor to work here.”


Denise Barr – Head Chef

“I treasure the creative and nurturing environment of the Hedgebrook kitchen and feel honored to spend my time there. Planning, prepping and cooking a meal is a gift to be passed on. I find that everyone brings something wonderful to the table.”


Harolynne Bobis – Administrative Assistant

“When I was younger, I determined I wanted to work for organizations that nourished and encouraged its staff and the greater world. Hedgebrook does all of this and more. I’m so happy to be here.”


Barbara Bennett – Finance Manager

“I have had the good fortune to work with a wildly varied cross section of non-profit organizations over the past 25 years and the incredible people that bring their talents and convictions to lifting up others.  Hedgebrook is a remarkable combination of energy and creativity, coalescing to promote the diverse abilities of women on a global scale.  I am impassioned by the environment, the people and the new opportunities to contribute to the Hedgebrook Mission.”

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Sharon Magliano Feliciano – Assistant Director of Development & Outreach

“I’ve spent much of my career focused on creating safe spaces for women to express themselves. I’m honored to be part of the important work that Hedgebrook is doing to amplify women’s voices and tell their stories.”


Gabrielle James – Development & Outreach Associate

“I have worked for nonprofits the majority of my career, managing youth development programs, where kids felt empowered, honored and creativity was encouraged.  Hedgebrook does all of that for women writers and I am excited to be a part of the development team, helping to amplify women’s voices for years to come.”


Yai Fatou Jallow – Development & Outreach Coordinator

“Growing up in a small West African country — The Gambia — my escape was through the world of books, being a student of the Arts, books will always be my first love. Hedgebrook puts me in an environment where I see all these amazing writers flourish whilst working with outstanding people.”


Britt Conn – Program Manager

“The artists who come to Hedgebrook are smart, insightful, deeply thoughtful generators of stories that are altering the way people relate to the world around us. From the writers to the filmmakers, to the playwrights, to the songwriters who come here to create, get radically nurtured, and go back out into the world, at Hedgebrook, it’s a constant cycle of inspiration and awe.”


Jennifer Will-Thapa – Program Associate

I come to Hedgebrook after almost a decade of facilitating conflict. The critical piece of that process that elicited the most transformation was in the sharing of stories. There are so few spaces that truly allow for this to happen, so it is a pleasure to be among others here who lift up women’s voices and support them in putting their stories out into the world.


Meaghan Wright – Housekeeper/Photographer

“I feel so fortunate to work along side so many passionate coworkers and connect with so many inspiring writers. To be a part of this organization helping nurture and support the power of the written word has been so rewarding.”


Jessica Babcock – Chef/ Writer Liaison

“My work at Hedgebrook is a happy confluence of my training as an organic farmer and chef. Eating is a universal act, and our writers are sharing universal truths. I am honored to nourish them as they nourish the world.”


Kersty Adams – Housekeeper

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Tavia Ferren – Housekeeper


Joey Guerra – Farm Team


Mark Clark – Farm Team