Our staff is dedicated to providing writers in residence with the radical hospitality for which Hedgebrook is known.

2016 VORTEXT: VONA attendees, workshop teacher Natalie Baszile, and Hedgebrook Executive Director Amy Wheeler.

Amy Wheeler

Executive Director

As a playwright whose life was changed by the gift of a Hedgebrook residency, I am thrilled by the opportunity to lead this organization into an exciting new era.

Vito Zingarelli

Program Director

I’ve enjoyed my relationship with Hedgebrook and Whidbey Island since the early days of the Women Playwrights Festival with ACT Theatre I 1998; the ability to more fully serve Hedgebrook’s mission at this juncture in her maturation is a true joy.

Catherine Willis Cleveland, CFRE

Director of External Relations

Hedgebrook is a hub of idea-sharing, collaboration, & peer-led workshop learning, with writers in residence from 37 countries. It is wildly exciting to touch such a mass creative force for empowering women’s voices, & to help share it with you.

Bre LeBeuf

External Relations Manager

I feel so lucky to be part of this organization. In this magical place where we get to inspire and support women's voices, to stretch ourselves and claim our stories, to find hope in our voice and a community in each other, all things seem possible.

Julie O'Brien

Program Manager

I am delighted to be a part of this wonderful family. The beautiful setting, the dedicated staff, the supportive board and most of all the incredible women who find their way here make up this amazing, creative world. The Radical Hospitality lovingly practiced by Nancy Nordhoff from the beginning and carried out to this day bestows the energy making it possible. I am honored to be a part of this magic.

Harolynne Bobis

Administrative Assistant

When I was younger, I determined I wanted to work for organizations that nourished and encouraged its staff and the greater world. Hedgebrook does all of this and more. I’m so happy to be here.

Denise Barr


I treasure the creative and nurturing environment of the Hedgebrook kitchen and feel honored to spend my time there. Planning, prepping and cooking a meal is a gift to be passed on. I find that everyone brings something wonderful to the table.

Cathy Bruemmer

Property Manager

It’s an extraordinary gift to work in such a beautiful well-crafted environment with a dedicated group of talented people. Harvesting big bowls of veggies for the writers is one of my great joys.

Kathy Watson

Head Housekeeper

Hedgebrook is a wonderland. It opens your mind and heart. I am grateful to be a part of it.

Lilly Newell

Development Associate

I moved from Chicago to Seattle to study creative writing and arts leadership at Seattle University. Coming aboard the Hedgebrook team, I am continuously inspired by all the work the women at Hedgebrook do. It makes me feel empowered as a woman, a writer, and an arts leader.

Katie Chapman

Seattle University MFA Program Intern

I am excited to be serving Hedgebrook as part of my graduate studies at Seattle University. It is an honor to learn about and to help expand the support for this rich network of creative and empowered women writers.

Michelle Kiefel

Development & Community Programs Volunteer

I moved to the Puget Sound area after working for 5 seasons at a writers theater in New York City called Playwrights Horizons. I am proud to volunteer with Hedgebrook to support contemporary women writers and their work. It is inspiring and exciting to be a part of a nurturing community with a rich range of programs for writers, and opportunities to engage the community.

Brieanna Vennard

Development Associate

Hedgebrook is a home for writers; a family of collaborative minds affecting change through the power of a voice. I’m excited to support Hedgebrook by connecting people with such a powerful community.

Mildred Tanner Andrews

Development Associate

What a joy to be part of the Hedgebrook team and to share the excitement of nurturing a stellar and inclusive array of women writers from our region and around the world! I look forward to utilizing my experience in grantsmanship to support Hedgebrook's mission. A sense of place is important to me, and I am inspired by the many ways in which this place with its warm hospitality embraces and empowers women's creativity.