By Michele Lowe

The Smell of the Kill

This is what I tell people about my first play The Smell of the Kill: it’s a dark comedy about three women who want to kill their husbands and get the chance to do it.

This is what I don’t tell them: I wrote The Smell of the Kill as a drama. I never meant it to be funny. The women in the play are bitter and unhappy. The men are trapped in a meat locker. If the men die, the women become free. This is dramatic material.

The first time I had an inkling the play was funny was in November 1991 when we did the first reading at Playwrights Horizons. The director, Bob Moss, cast Margaret Whitton, Harriet Harris and Julie Hagerty. Perhaps the presence of these great comediennes should have been my first clue, but I was so green; I was just happy they’d shown up.   Read more