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By Susan Jensen

The Shame Game

There is no shame in being incested, molested, raped, or beaten.

The shame belongs with the perpetrator, not the victim.


If we are too young or weak or scared or damaged or battered or seduced into complicity to defend ourselves, where is the shame in that?

The symbiotic dynamic of the shame game conspires to protect the abusers who hide in and behind our shame, protected by it, reveling in it.

As victims, we’re too ashamed to bring charges, too ashamed to tell the truth, too ashamed to confront.   Read more

By Hedgebrook ED

We Rise

I keep learning these truths:

All the best ideas are simple.

Profound impact often begins with a small action.

Eve Ensler called me a year ago to ask if Hedgebrook would participate in something called ONE BILLION RISING. She explained the idea in less than two minutes. It sounded so simple that I couldn’t quite grasp it, or fully comprehend the potential impact.

Because it was Eve, I said, “Yes! Of course we’ll participate!”   Read more