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By Anca Szilagyi

Gushing About Hedgebrook Like There’s No Tomorrow

Upon turning in to Hedgebrook, we (a poet, a playwright, and a fiction writer carpooling from Seattle) crowed at its green loveliness. A scent of wood smoke wafted out of the longhouse. And, inside, an abundance of welcome, and bagels so good I almost cried.  Outside, I met with my first workshop, “The Funny Bone is an Erogenous Zone,” with Jennifer D. Munro. On the walk to the cottage, Jennifer pointed out a bench with a view of Mt. Rainier, and my poet-car-sharer Elissa pointed out a heap of lavender in a rusting wheel barrow. It was almost too perfect.   Read more

By Jennifer Munro

On Pinkie

Jennifer D. Munro discusses the genesis of the short story “Pinkie,” which was included in The Best of Best American Erotica, 15th Anniversary Edition, a collection of editor Susie Bright’s favorite stories from the annual anthology’s fifteen years.

I got stuck at dinner a few years ago with a friend’s pal whom I didn’t know. Our mutual friend never showed up. The conversation turned to erotica. Friends are fascinated that I write erotic stories. I live in a suburb, work in a cubicle, and keep my butt-crack covered, so apparently I don’t fit their Anais Nin image.

I mentioned to my new acquaintance that I’m not interested in writing about perfect bodies and gymnastic sex, since that’s not my reality. Forget Erica Jong’s famous Zipless F&ck; most days I’m happy if I can zip up my jeans.   Read more

By Hedgebrook Staff

Questions for Our Spring Salon Teachers

For this week’s blog, we interviewed our Spring Salon teachers about writing, reading and why they are excited to teach on April 27.


Sue Ennis:

1) How did you come to hear about Hedgebrook?

I first read about Hedgebrook in the 90s and thought: this is a gift from the gods. Imagine acknowledging and honoring female writers! Thank you, thank you, Nancy Nordhoff! Then last year, my friend, screenwriter Heather Hughes, told me about her wonderful Hedgebrook experience in succulent detail. “My lunch was decorated in edible flowers.” Last October I became a Hedgebrookian for 3 days. I’m not sure I’ll ever recover from writing in peace, without an ear cocked to the world, and then there were those tasty flowers!   Read more