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Something incredible has been brewing at the White House today—the United State of Women Summit is blowing the roof off the place and Amy Wheeler, Hedgebrook’s Executive Director is in the thick of it, soaking up inspiration and ideas to help further Hedgebrook’s cause of Women Authoring Change.


For Amy, the day began with a bang:

“Catching a quick minute here to say—it’s so dang exciting I’m kind of overwhelmed. Vice President Joe Biden gave a stirring speech about ending violence against women. It’s epic and historic!”


This extraordinary Summit has gathered together an incredible lineup of experts, advocates, grassroots organizers, and business leaders on issues that affect women and girls, including Nancy Pelosi, Gloria Steinem, Shonda Rhimes, and Connie Britton.


Wildly inspired by one amazing human being after another, Amy is there celebrating our great strides toward equality and participating in this powerful effort to address the remaining challenges so we can make a powerful difference in the collective future of women and girls. Amy’s mind continues to be blown as the day unfolds:

“Holy smokes! I just got to be in the room to hear President Obama give a most soul stirring speech. He spoke for about 30 minutes and he was on fire! It was so moving to hear our President talk about equality for women, girls and LGBTQ, about gun control, fair pay, ending violence against women—so eloquently and well. I’m look forward to the good work he and Michelle will continue to do together. I’m headed back in for lunch, then Michelle and Barack Obama and Oprah and Amy Poehler are all speaking among many others about the #StateofWomen. What a day!”


Get in on the action and listen to some of these inspiring people on the Live Stream: www.theunitedstateofwomen.org/livestream/.


What an honor, and how appropriate that Hedgebrook—long devoted to empowering women’s voices—should be among those gathered together for this historic moment.



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