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by Amy Wheeler

Several years ago, Hedgebrook friend, local writer and owner of Whidbey Island’s iconic Clyde Theatre, Lynn Willeford, asked me point blank (in true Lynn fashion), “When is Hedgebrook going to have a blog? I’m interested in knowing what’s on your writer’s minds.”

Lynn was, characteristically, ahead of the curve with her vision! But she planted a seed in my mind about how we could begin to communicate the growing impact of Hedgebrook with our community. And not just on the impact on the writers who come here, but on the world-at-large because of those writers and the work they produce here.

In short: the idea that what happens at Hedgebrook doesn’t stay at Hedgebrook.

The writing generated in our 7 cottages–the epiphanies, ah-ha’s, breakthroughs, the finished manuscripts and re-structured plays, and freshly penned poems–begins a tidal wave of ideas and stories that flows out from Whidbey to the farthest reaches of the globe. Provocative ideas. Evocative stories. Juicy, intriguing thoughts to chew on, respond to, share with others.

Hedgebrook incites dialogue. By extension, that’s what we want our blog to do.

You’ll hear from our staff with news from the retreat (what’s growing in the garden, a popular recipe from the kitchen), from our Board about how they are inspired by volunteering and envisioning Hedgebrook’s future, from our alumnae—writing from wherever they are in the world—about what they are thinking and writing about. You’ll also get to hear periodically from writers-in-residence when they come up for air, and from the Farmhouse Kitchen table conversation that happens each evening when they come together for dinner.

So, let the dialogue begin.

Amy Wheeler
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  • Judith van Praag
    1:07 AM - 4 May, 2011

    All right Amy! Congrats with this Online round-table! Look forward to listening in and participating. Best, Judith

  • MariJayne Armstrong Nicholas
    10:04 PM - 15 August, 2013

    Hedgebrook holds a special place in my heart. It’s a comfort, solitary spot that I beckon as an oasis to self. Thank you Hedgebrook for your mere existence.

  • Stephanie A. Smith
    8:54 AM - 18 April, 2014

    Hedgebrook helped me finish CONTENT BURNS, also set in the past (1600s, Connecticut), also to be launched by a small press in London next week (Thames River Press). Hedgebrook so inspired me that part of the novel is also set on Whidbey.

  • Carol Owens
    2:34 PM - 26 April, 2014

    OK, now you’ve gone and one it! Started my Hedgebrook dream all over again. Just when I had accepted not being accepted ( for the writers-in-residence program), you disturbed my Zen-like attitude, and have started my longing over again.
    At least, I can read about it, even if I can’t afford to come and immerse myself in that nirvana for women writers. I will save my pennies, and instead of going to Surrey Conference, come to Hedgebrook, eventually.
    In the meantime, your blog will keep my butt in the chair, working on my book.
    Thanks , I think.

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